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Accessible & Secure Storage Units in Courtenay by U Store It

When looking at a self storage facility, the first thing anyone wants is security, followed by suitability. We bring to you both of these things so that you can trust us with your belongings and be free from all kinds of worries. At U Store It, we provide a diverse range of units, which means there is something for everyone. Being one of the trusted storage facilities in Courtenay, we also take special care of safety by taking into account factors like fencing, guards, accessibility and security regulations . We charge our rates according to the space you book so you don't overpay at any point.

The Promise of Secure Storage

We are a reliable storage facility because of many reasons, some of which include:

7 days a week access

Central location

Fenced facility

Gated access

On-site forklift

Moving supplies

Heated units

Our Range

We understand that items to be stored can be diverse, ranging from some cardboard boxes to your vintage car. This is why we bring you a range of sizes and styles in storage units so you can choose what suits you best. For better visualization, we mention what the particular unit will feel like - a walk-in wardrobe or a long garage. Explore our options below and get in touch with us to discuss the process further.

5' x 5'

25 Sq.Ft 

Similar to: storage closet 

Ideal for: chairs, boxes, document storage

10' x 10' 

100 Sq.Ft. 

Similar to: small bedroom 

Ideal for: 1-2 bedroom apartment furnishings, boxes

10' x 20'

200 Sq.Ft 

Similar to: small garage 

Ideal for: 3 bedroom home or a small car or boat

5' x 14' 

70 Sq.Ft 

Similar to: walk-in closet 

Ideal for: small furniture, one room furnishings, document storage

10' x 12'

120 Sq.Ft. 

Similar to: average bedroom 

Ideal for: 1-2 bedroom furnishings, boxes

5' x 17.5'

87.5 Sq.Ft 

Similar to: laundry room 

Ideal for: small furniture, small appliances, one-room furnishings, documents

10' x 15'

150 Sq.Ft 

Similar to: master bedroom 

Ideal for: 2-3 bedroom furnishings, and boxes

10' x 25'

250 Sq.Ft. 

Similar to: average garage 

Ideal for: 4-5 bedroom home or average car or boat

10' x 35'

350 Sq.Ft. 

Similar to: long garage

Ideal for: 5-6 bedroom home or a large car or boat

Storage Units for Everybody

 From walk-in closets to long garages, we have units that serve everyone’s storage needs.

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