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Security Regulations at U Store It in Courtenay

U Store It has been renting storage spaces, to professionals and individuals, on an ideally located and very secure site in Courtenay for many years now. When customers come to us, we understand that our foremost priority is to ensure the security and protection of their belongings. For this, we make sure that, as a company, we follow all safety guidelines and measures. To guarantee this security to all its users, the company bans certain products from its warehouses. Our customers have always worked with us to ensure that the storage space remains safe and abides by all regulations.

Prohibited Goods

Compliance with the law, as well as the security of the site and other users, involves certain restrictions. The tenant does not have the right to store:


Animal products

Living plants/animals

Flammable materials or products


Perishable goods

Contraband items

Odour-emitting materials or articles

If you are in doubt about the items you plan to stock, or have any questions relating to the operation of our company or rental rates, then do not hesitate to contact us .

Safe and Secure Spaces

By abiding by all safety norms, we ensure that our storage spaces are risk-free and secure.

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